Van Der Burgh Admits To Illegal Kick In Breaststroke Final

Cameron van der Burgh has admitted to breaking the rules in the 100m breaststroke final at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The South African won gold and broke the world record in the event but has admitted to performing more doplphin kicks than the rules allow.

FINA rules state that only 1 dophin kick can be performed after each start and turn but video footage shows that van der Burgh did 2 or 3 to try and gain an advantage over his competitors. He has defended his actions by saying that it is a common thing in swimming and that he wasn’t going to be beaten because others would be doing the same.

This is not the first time this issue has become controversial as former Olympic champion, Kosuke Kitajima was one of the first accused of performing a dolphin kick before even 1 was allowed. It is very difficult for the officials to see clearly through the turbulent water so the rules changed to allow 1 dolphin kick off each wall.

The problem with this rule is that it is ver hard to police but lots of people at home can see that swimmers are breaking the rules as the underwater cameras can pick them up. The officials can only judge by what they see and not by what they can’t see. It has lead some to call for underwater judging. This idea has been floated before but is extremely costly as there needs to be cameras in each of the lanes at both ends of the pool.

If it is impossible to catch the rule breakers then something needs to change. Either it needs to be the officiating system by increasing the underwater cameras so the officals can clearly see under water; or the rules need to change again. It may be that swimmers can do whatever they want underwater as long as the surface by the 15m rope. This is the rule for every other stroke. This will ensure all world records will be broken immediately but something needs to be done to make it fair for every athlete. Time will tell what the governing body will decide.

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