Daniel Gyurta wins Gold in Mens 200m Breaststroke

Daniel Gyurta has finished first to win gold in the 200m breaststroke at the London Olympic Games and set a new world record in the process. Gyurta is known for his fast finishing but the Olympics always bring surprises. It was a common thought that if Gyurta turned first for the final 50m the race was virtually over. With the pressure of Olympic gold on the line, Great Britain’s Michael Jamieson was the swimmer finishing the hardest.

It seemed that with every stroke, Jamieson was closing the gap. But Gyurta was able to hold in in what was a fantastic swimming race. Jamieson ended up finshing only 0.15 seconds from Gyurta and Japan’s Ryo Tateishi was able to hold off fellow countryman and regining champion, Kosuke Kitajima for the bronze.

Gyurta had won silver as a 15 year old in Athens in 2004 yet finished a diappointing 5th in the Beijing games. This gold and new World Record time of 2:07.28 is well deserved in what has been a long yet still young career. Gyurta said he could see Jamieson coming and in the final 20m it got really close.

Gyurta said Kitajima is who he wants to live up to as the Japanese champion has 4 medals over 4 Olympic games. And at the bright age of only 23 he still has lots of racing ahead of him and at least 1 more Olympic games. That is the benefit of bursting onto the scene as a young teenager. He was so happy that he could swim faster than Kitajima who has had his measure for most of his career. It was with pride and respect for his Japanese rival that he spoke about swimming faster than him.

Kitajima has had an amazing career over 4 Olympic games. He could not pull off a victory in the same event over 3 Games but still has the respect of the swimming fraternity.

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