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Breaststroke Rules
The rules have changed over the years and we will endeavour to keep you up to date. These are the rules according to the International swimming body FINA. 1. During the start and turn you are able to take 1 full arm stroke that where the hands can be pulled all the way to the thighs underwater. During the arm stroke, 1 butterfly kick may be completed and then a breaststroke kick may be completed. [...]
Breaststroke Kick
Breaststroke kick is so different to the other competitive strokes that many people struggle to perform the correct technique. There are some common problems that the majority of people do when learning how to do the kick so we have dedicated this page to how to best correct them. There are only 3 main problems that occur through the learning stage. Common Problem 1 - Toes pointed towards the sky Normally [...]
Breaststroke Drills
If you are looking for drills then here is the place. We have included some drills that we feel are the most crucial to your development. If you are just starting out and learning the stroke then head over to our how to teach breaststroke page here. This will have the progression on how to learn the stroke. For those that can swim the stroke reasonably well then lets get into it! 1 Arm Stroke, [...]
How To Teach Breaststroke
How To Teach Breaststroke Breaststroke is probably the most difficult of the 4 competitive strokes to teach. Many people would argue that butterfly is more difficult but we would argue from our experience, many beginners find it harder to pick up the kicking action. If you are teaching more experienced swimmers who have perfected the basic technique then head over to the breaststroke drills page [...]
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