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Breaststroke Drills: Separation Drill
  Breaststroke drills are important if you are going to improve your technique. It is important to swim the entire stroke but completing drills is the fastest way to improve your breaststroke swimming. This separation drill is a great drill that will help you with the timing of your kick. Teaching timing in breaststroke is difficult as so much of it is a fell thing from the swimmer. It is [...]
Ruta Meilutyte Wins Gold in 100m Breaststroke
Lithuania's 15 year old breaststroker, Ruta Meilutyte has held off all her rivals to win gold in the 100m breaststroke in London 2012. After a controversial start where there due to technical difficulties, the starters gun went off before he had said "take your marks", Meilutyte was able to settle and bring home the first Olympic gold medal for her country. Meilutyte got off to a flying start where [...]
Van Der Burgh Win Gold In London
After winning a fast semi-final,  Cameron Van Der Burgh has gone on to win the 100m breaststroke final at the London Games in a World Record time. The scene was set for an epic final with the current World Record holder, Brenton Rickard and the Japanese champion, Kosuke Kitajima both in the same race. Kitajima was going for his 3rd win in the event in as many Olympic Games. Van Der Burgh's race [...]
Kitajima Goes For History: London 2012
  With the hype of the Olympics at fever pitch, much of the focus is on Michael Phelps and whether he can repeat what he did 4 years ago in Beijing. Although he has pulled out of the 200m freestyle, the world is looking to see if he is back to his best. The showdown between he and rival, Ryan Lochte on Saturday should be something to see. But what many are overlooking is that there is a guy [...]
Jessica Hardy Misses 100m Breaststroke
At the recent American Olympic Trials, the current 100m breaststroke world record holer, Jessica Hardy has missed out on the event. Hardy finished a close third in the final and only the first 2 go through to swimming in London 2012. It is not all doom and gloom for the 25 year old as she did qualify for the 50m and 100m freestyle events. She said that she was initially heartbroken by missing [...]
How To Swim Breaststroke Fast
There are three main elements to swimming breaststroke fast. The first is generating lots of power with the arms and the legs. It is the stroke that actually generates more power than any other. The second is reducing your resistance. Even though it generates the most power it is the slowest stroke because it creates the most resistance. The third element is being able to do both of these quickly. When [...]
Breaststroke Starts And Turns
The breaststroke start and turn has changed over recent times due to the rules changing. Much of this occurred because of underwater footage of Japan’s Kitajima performing a dolphin kick off the start and turn of his races. This dolphin kick, although illegal, could not be seen from the judges. FINA took control and decided to change the law and allow 1 dolphin kick off each start and turn during [...]
Breaststroke History
When we researched the history of breaststroke it took us back to the stone age when people were performing a frog like action with their legs when trying to move through the water. We have decided to talk about the history from when it became a stand alone competitive stroke at the Olympics. The first time this happened was at the St. Louis Olympics back in 1904. It was competed over 440 yards. A study [...]
Breaststroke Workouts
If you are looking to really improve your breaststroke then these workouts will really help you. We understand that the people that visit this site are all at different levels so we will do our best to cater for this. The difficulty in writing these programs is in the times we set for you. It is difficult to know exactly what times to put each set on as we don’t know what everyone’s best time or [...]
Breaststroke Technique
As with every sport there are different techniques and breaststroke is no different. For the other 3 competitive strokes the kick produces approximately 15% of the propulsion. For breaststroke it is much more but varies greatly between each swimmer. Some have a very powerful arm stroke while others are very much kick dominant. The rules state that the order of the stroke must be arms, head breaking [...]
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