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Breaststroke Kick Drill
  The breaststroke kick can be difficult to master and it needs to be done well if you are going to swim the stroke effectively. This breaststroke kick drill is a great one for beginners and for more advanced swimmers. The drill in the video above is head first kick on your back. This is where the swimmer is on there back performing breaststroke kick. It is a great drill to really help you [...]
Breaststroke Technique – The Kick
  The breaststroke kick can be both a difficult skill to learn and a difficult skill to teach. There are some drills on breastroke kick here but I found a great video by Rebecca Soni on how she performs the kick. The first thing to understand is that the kick is very different to the other competitive strokes. For the freestyle, backstroke and butterfly, the water is pushed with the [...]
Breaststroke Drills – The Catch
The catch is one of the most important aspect of the breaststroke. Getting hold of the water early in the stroke is crucial if you are going to swim the stroke well. Many beginners don't put enough pressure on the water and 'lose' the water which means they won't travel as far per stroke. In this video there are a couple of drills that can really help you improve your breaststroke. Sculling Sculling [...]
Brendan Hansen – How To Warm Up
When competing in a swimming race it is important to complete a good solid warm up. This helps get the blood flowing and warms your muscles up in preparation for a good race. For those that compete regularly will know that warming up can be a nightmare. There is normally a set time that you can warm up for and you have nearly every swimmer in the pool trying to warm up. This often means you will [...]
Breaststroke Drills For Beginners: Add A Kick
Teaching breaststroke to beginners can be a difficult task and you need to take your time in the teaching process to ensure they are grasping the required skills. Once they have the basics of the arm stroke and the kick you need to teach them the timing of the kick. One of the ways to teach this is to complete the 'add a kick' drill. In this video, Dual Olympic Champion, Rebecca Soni takes you [...]
Van Der Burgh Admits To Illegal Kick In Breaststroke Final
Cameron van der Burgh has admitted to breaking the rules in the 100m breaststroke final at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The South African won gold and broke the world record in the event but has admitted to performing more doplphin kicks than the rules allow. FINA rules state that only 1 dophin kick can be performed after each start and turn but video footage shows that van der Burgh did 2 or [...]
Rebecca Soni Breaststroke Analaysis
    With Rebecca Soni dominating the 200m breaststroke at the London Olympic Games, I thought it was a good idea to take a look at her stroke. If you want to improve your breaststoke then Soni is great to learn from. Soni's stroke is quite different to other breaststrokers, especially with the arms. She has doesn't have a stong insweep with her elbows like most of the other athletes. In [...]
Daniel Gyurta wins Gold in Mens 200m Breaststroke
Daniel Gyurta has finished first to win gold in the 200m breaststroke at the London Olympic Games and set a new world record in the process. Gyurta is known for his fast finishing but the Olympics always bring surprises. It was a common thought that if Gyurta turned first for the final 50m the race was virtually over. With the pressure of Olympic gold on the line, Great Britain's Michael Jamieson was [...]
Soni Wins Gold and Sets New World Mark
Rebecca Soni of the USA has defended her title and won gold in the 200m breaststroke at the London Olympic Games. Soni blitzed the field to win by over a second to claim her back to back Olympic title. Soni set a World Record in the same event at the Beijing Olympics back in 2008 but lost the record in 2009. The semi final at the London Games saw her reclaim the World record but it was the gold [...]
Soni Breaks 200m Breaststroke World Record
Since the 'suits' era of swimming there have not been alot of World Records broken. That changed tonight with USA's Rebecca Soni breaking the 200m breaststroke World Record in the semi-finals at the London 2012 Games. Earlier in the day, Soni set a blistering pace in her heat to qualify fastest for the semi-finals. Many thought she would ease off the pace but finished strongly sending a message [...]
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