Brendan Hansen – How To Warm Up

When competing in a swimming race it is important to complete a good solid warm up. This helps get the blood flowing and warms your muscles up in preparation for a good race. For those that compete regularly will know that warming up can be a nightmare. There is normally a set time that you can warm up for and you have nearly every swimmer in the pool trying to warm up. This often means you will have 30-35 people in a lane all fighting for space.

Warming up with so many people in a lane can be a frustrating exercise but you need to still warm up the body so that you can swim at your best. I came across this video from Olympic Champion, Brendan Hansen and he explains what you can do to try and overcome this situation that happens virtually every race meet.

When you compete for the finals you normally have a lot more room as there are not as many people competing. These tips are for when you have very limited space for your warm up. Hansen explains that the first thing is you need to make use of the space you have got. The key to the warm up is to increase your heart rate to 160-170 beats per minute (bpm). You need to try and do this without going fast as there are people in front of you and without swimming lots of laps.

Hansen says that he does some under water drills that force him to hold his breath. By exercising while holding his breath will immediately increase his heart rate. This can be done without having to swim lots and lots of laps and can be done in a the small area he has in the lane.

Once you have done this most swimming meets will open up a couple of sprint lanes where you can perform some dives and quick sprints. By getting your heart rate up initially your body will be ready to perform some quick sprints in the sprint lanes and then you should be ready to swim a good fast morning race.

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