Breaststroke Kick Drill


The breaststroke kick can be difficult to master and it needs to be done well if you are going to swim the stroke effectively. This breaststroke kick drill is a great one for beginners and for more advanced swimmers. The drill in the video above is head first kick on your back. This is where the swimmer is on there back performing breaststroke kick. It is a great drill to really help you improve your breaststroke.

You can either do this drill with your hands out in front or your hands by your side. When performing this drill it is important that your knees don’t break the surface of the water. If they do it means that the swimmer is bringing their knees too far to the chest which takes the body out of a streamlined position.

This drill is also a good one for getting the feet to kick in a round motion. By keeping the knees relatively closer together, the swimmer can focus on kicking the feet outside the knees. If the knees begin to point outwards during the kicking action, the swimmer will lose power and will not travel as fast.

It is important to finish every kick and get back to a streamlined position. The swimmer should be able to feel their toes near the surface of the water after each kick. Because breaststroke generates lots of resistance against the water it is important that the body gets back to a streamlined position after each stroke is taken. This drill gives the swimmer a feeling of how to achieve that.

This is a fantastic drill to leanr and also refine the breaststroke kicking action which some can find difficult. Practice it slowly until you get a real sense of how the action is supposed to be completed and then you can use this drill as part of your workout to strengthen your kicking.

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