Breaststroke Drills: Separation Drill


Breaststroke drills are important if you are going to improve your technique. It is important to swim the entire stroke but completing drills is the fastest way to improve your breaststroke swimming. This separation drill is a great drill that will help you with the timing of your kick.

Teaching timing in breaststroke is difficult as so much of it is a fell thing from the swimmer. It is very common that the swimmer will initiate the kicking sequence too early. This is not beneficial as it increases the resistance against the water as the body moves outside of a streamlined position too early.

The aim of the separation drill is to over accentuate the delay of the kicking action. It gets you to kick very very late. This is not how you will swim normal breaststroke but if you find that you are kicking too early, this is a great drill to help overcome that problem.

To complete this drill, follow these simple steps.

1. Push off the wall and perform 1 breaststroke arm sequence and return to a streamlined position.

2. Remain in your streamlined position as you pause for around 1 second.

3. Complete a kicking sequence.

4. Repeat

5. After doing this drill for a while you can reduce the pause between the arm stroke and kick.

At first you may struggle to get the pause correct as your mind will want to kick when the arms are in action. To overcome this, simply think of the drill as 2 separate drills. Firstly you are performing an arm drill and then you are performing a kicking drill. This will help you wait until you are in a streamlined position before you kick.

Essentially, you are swimming normal breaststroke but performing the arm stroke in isolation of the kicking sequence. Now remember that this is not how you would swim breaststroke normally and stops you from kicking too early. This is a drill that will help so many breaststroke swimmers with their timing.

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