Breaststroke Drills For Beginners: Add A Kick

Teaching breaststroke to beginners can be a difficult task and you need to take your time in the teaching process to ensure they are grasping the required skills. Once they have the basics of the arm stroke and the kick you need to teach them the timing of the kick. One of the ways to teach this is to complete the ‘add a kick’ drill. In this video, Dual Olympic Champion, Rebecca Soni takes you through this drill.

The timing of the kick takes time to master and this is a fantastic drill to help speed up the learning process. It is a simple drill as it is simply adding a kick. It is also called 1 arm 2 kicks as you are performing 2 kicks for every arm stroke you take. Although this is a good drill for beginners it is important that they have mastered the kicking action first. If not then you need to go through breaststoke kick drills first. In order to complete the ‘Add a kick’ drill simply follow these instructions.

1. Push off the wall and perform 1 normal breaststroke sequence (1 arm stroke and 1 kick)

2. As you complete the first stroke and push the arms forward you need to dive inder the water. This is all performed in one motion. This means you push your arms forwad and down. You need to do this as the next part of the drill is performed under water.

3. While under water and in a streamlined position, perform another kick in isolation i.e no arms

4. After completing the second kick you need to repeat the process. To do this you need to time you arm stroke.

When you begin this drill you may find yourself performing the arm stroke too far under water. This is where the timing comes into it. You need to time the arm stroke so you break the surface at the correct time. This is an important aspect of swimming the breaststroke and a great drill to teach you this.

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